Life Force Fertilizer

One of my paintings entitled “Life Force Fertilizer. A beautiful tree has fallen returning its bounty to the earth.

Go Green
This painting speaks to a cleaner environment. Green energy, green buildings, organic farming. Nuclear power plant now used for green siding,  and coal are included, along with a radioactive heart and an unclean environment: a futuristic nod to our past, once we go green, remove Carbon from our atmosphere and returning it to the soil..

Save Our Home BLEEEZZZ

Love Honey? Love Fruit? Love Bees!  When we think of helping bees, we most often think of the honey bee. There are more than 20,000 bee species, and all of them are endangered. There are many theories related to why bees are disappearing–disease, pesticides, cell phones, GMOs and urban and farming deserts.

One of the best things everyone can do to help bees is to create a meadow with year round flowers. If you don’t have a back yard or are unwilling to dig up parts of your lawn (or all of it), you can create a meadow in a pot–great for city dwellers. Do not use pesticides. Do consider replacing part of your lawn with bee and butterfly friendly flowers: indigenous plants always. Bee deserts include lawns, monoculture farming, urban areas and so on: any broad area that doesn’t have a year round food supply for these busy pollinators. Hedgerows with a variety of flowers are a fabulous way to help bees so consider this instead of fences. If you like golf, see if you can influence the owners to plant patches of indigenous flowers along fairways, around the clubhouse and so on. Without bees, much of our food will disappear. We depend on them.Flowers for BeesLastly, if you are worried about bees stings, don’t, unless you are allergic to them. They really don’t want to sting you as they will die.  They are not aggressive by nature. They will only sting you if you frighten or feel threaten, even if you’re trying to help them. I’ve been stung three times, once when I was trying to save a bee from drowning–he didn’t know I was helping him, once when I felt something tickling me and, without looking, swatted it. Ouch! The third time, well…..I found a large beehive growing into the walls of my garage. I called a beekeeper. Unfortunately, we had to dismantle the hive. Dressed for the occasion with smoking gun in hand, we worked for a couple of hours–the beekeeper hoping to capture the queen so as to start another colony. He actually heard her fly away. Rats! After we were done, he put all of the honeycombs and so many bees in my kitchen. I said, what are you doing? He replied, “You can’t keep it outside, the ants’ll get it.” I was not comfortable around bees, a bit frightened. Nevertheless, there I was with this huge hive and hundreds of bees–not doing very well sad to say, flying and walking around as I dismantled the combs and collected the honey. It was fascinating to see the interiors of the hive. It took two days. And so, the third time I got stung was because I accidentally put my hand on one. I learned not to be afraid of bees. If fact, I’ve had a crush on them ever since. Please do what you can to help these magnificent and vital insects.

For several videos on this issue search the web. For some reason I am not able to link these for you, so here’s a great Ted Talks on Why Bees are Disappearing    

Also check out 

  Love Bees? Love Fruit? Love Honey? Save Bees Bleezz

Wolves, Sea Turtles and even Greyhounds need Help.


   Harmonize – find the balance that works for our planet.
Do all that you can to stop global warming before it's too late.
        Help stop global warming before it’s to late. Please!

I’m still blogging to myself. Have been very busy trouble shooting all the issues that have come up with regard to getting started online. As a result, I still haven’t reached out to social media.  Meanwhile, I have decided that I’m creating a series of Save Our Home designs – some new, some seen before and edited. I’m going to create bunches more including getting back to my fine art. Stopping the causes of continuing global warming, and working for world peace is the goal. Much can be done. BELIEVE. I welcome all that will be coming to my blog, and I look forward to some great conversation.  Remember, these are on t-shirts, mugs and more, and the buttons will be available on my website. Make your voice heard.


                   Greyhounds Rock! All dwags and kitties.

End Sonic Booms in Our Oceans

In Search of Oil and Military testing, Sonic Booms have caused those sea mammals that use sonar to communicate to flee their habitat, bleed from their orifices,  and the inability to communicate with each other (to hear or to be heard). Since these beautiful animals communicate across seas, and are fleeing their habitats reproduction is being hindered. There are several articles written about this.  Here’s one .

Ban Sonic Booms
Ban Sonic Booms

Lethal Seas – We can Help

I was watching Nova the other night, program entitled Lethal Seas. Bottomline, our seas are becoming increasingly acidic due to carbon emissions.  By the end of the century, if nothing is done to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, there will be relatively no coral reefs: a habitat that supports 25% of the fish in our oceans. When oceans beome more acidic, the brain functions of fish is compromised. The shells of Shell fish, such as clams and lobsters, cannot form in the embryonic stage.  

Scientists are rigorously searching for answers and solutions throughout the world. As of yet, they are discouraged about the future of our oceans. The great die off during the Permian age killed 96% of all that lived in the oceans. Naturally, terrestrial vegetation and animals died off in great numbers too, approximately 90%. This die off event was due to carbon emissions from volcanoes: same cause, same effect we are experiencing today only this time humans have cause this trend. 

The Industrial Age Experiment must be replace with The Alternative Energy Age or the Environmental Age.  Make a statement, get educated and political, seek solutions, wear t-shirts stating your views. It’s our future.

                                    Alternative Energy is our future.
Do what you can. Pick something you'd like to help. It doesn't matter what it is - all help is good.
       Do what you can. Pick something you’d like to help. It doesn’t matter what it is – all help is good.

Sun Lotus Illuminates – World Peace

I’m a Nichiren Buddhist. Nichiren Buddhism follows precisely what Shakyamuni Buddha said was the correct Buddhist teaching, as written in his final work, The Lotus Sutra. Contained in this writing were two important sections, the Theoretical Teaching which explains The Mystic Law of Cause and Effect, and the Essential Teaching. 

In the later, two important revolutionary inclusions appeared. He wrote that all people can be enlighten in their lifetime, and all means all: men, women, poor, rich, all races and ethnicities–not a problem, and even evil doers. All can be enlightened and enlightened in ones lifetime. Never before was their an all inclusive philosophy such as this. This was 2500 years ago.  

Shakyamuni Buddha knew that this teaching was premature at the time of its creation; it wouldn’t be understood. He said that not “Latter Day of the Law” could The Lotus Sutra be taught and understood.

Nichiren Daishonmin proved to be the Buddha of the Latter day, and introduced the world to the Teachings of the Lotus Sutra. He created the practice that we still do today. It is accessible for all — in short — chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  Nichiren’s name means Sun Lotus, and this illustration is my homage to him.

Sun Lotus Illuminates Our Heart
                                        Sun Lotus Illuminates Our Heart

Below depicts our mission: to help people become authentically happy, ending their suffering, to be compassionate, to treat all with dignity and respect. We are all the same, and we are all equal–everyone has Buddha Nature.

A word regarding the Lotus Flower (Renge). This beautiful flower symbolizes cause and effect because it seeds and blossoms at the same time. It also speaks to our journey. The Lotus Flower can only grow in muddy ponds, and yet when reaching for the sun, it breaks through the surface of the pond and blooms – a pristine magnificent flower appears. No matter how messy our lives are, a beautiful pristine flower lies within is all

We Are All The Same
                               We Are All The Same


Out of the mud comes a pristine Lotus Flower.
           Out of the mud comes a pristine Lotus Flower.

A Warm Hello to our Blog

Hi Everyone, This is my first post ever, and I’m looking forward to meeting new friends. Mark Ruffulo wants us to imagine a 100% Green future. Check out what he says at Mother Jones . If you watched the 2016 Academy Awards, Leonardo de Caprio made an impassioned plea for working collectively with those acting in  behalf of the environment.  As he said, Global Warming is a reality, and I add, that this change in our climate this time around is premature due to humankind’s activities. To paraphrase Leonardo, we must make our voices heard over the big polluters and the politics of greed.  “It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”