Life Force Fertilizer

One of my paintings entitled “Life Force Fertilizer. A beautiful tree has fallen returning its bounty to the earth.

Go Green
This painting speaks to a cleaner environment. Green energy, green buildings, organic farming. Nuclear power plant now used for green siding,  and coal are included, along with a radioactive heart and an unclean environment: a futuristic nod to our past, once we go green, remove Carbon from our atmosphere and returning it to the soil..

Author: EarthAndWorldPeace

Fine and graphic artist. Blog focuses on working for earth and world peace. Earth peace refers to environmental issues that work in favor of creating a sustainable planet. My website includes the above, as well as Fine Art and Photography portfolios. Photos of Supertramp, Thin Lizzy, The London Underground are found there. Also on my website are a MIA and POW monument proposal and the Adopt A Starving Project and more. Nichiren Buddha and Buddha Buttons for purchase are also found there. I hope you visit and enjoy the site.

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