Otters ask us to Save Our Homes

We will be known as the animal that littered.  Clean up our environment.  Reestablish habitats.  Everything on earth will thank you, even this sweet Otter.

The Sea Otters off of the Coast of California have had their ups and down.  Their numbers had substantially decrease mid-20th century at which time they were put on the endangered species list.  This is good as it means that they become protected and action is taken to help them.  As a result, their population numbers increase.  Recently, their numbers have been dropping.  One reason is that sharks have begun to kill them, but they don’t eat them.  I hypothesize that because the shark’s food supply has been reduced due to overfishing and pollution, sharks are trying to eat animals not on their menu.  Not liking furry mammals may cause them to spit them out, but the damage to the otter has been done.  It is also my thought that sharks attacks on humans have increased, possibly for the same reason mentioned above.

No telling how the Climate Crisis is going to change everything as many animals will not be able to adapt to new conditions.  We could be facing massive extinctions which may include us unless we take action now.  We must attempt to stop this and protect what is near and dear to us.  Help save our home, please.  Work for the environment, not against it.  We can do it.  This will be our new revolution, the Environmental Revolution.

                               Do what you can. Get loud. March.

Author: EarthAndWorldPeace

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