Elephants and Lions too.

Table of Contents: Environmental Concerns and Solutions

Table of Contents: Save Our Home Endangered Species

Thirty thousand (30,000) elephants are KILLED each year.  In the last twenty (20) years, many African countries have lost ALL of their rhino population, and the worldwide population of lions have been cut in half.

Hi everyone,  Today I’m including African Elephants to my cache of endangered species.  They are quickly disappearing due to ivory poachers and habitat loss.  Some illegal Ivory has been traced to terrorist activities.  It is estimated that elephants, rhinos and lion populations will be extinct in the wild in fifty years or our lifetime depending on the species one is talking about.  Do not let this happen.  

Poaching Ivory as been taken over by organized crime syndicates using sophisticated tracking technology and high-powered weaponry.  Large numbers of elephants are killed at once, and these monsters cannot be tracked, so no one has been able to stop them.

The other day I received the following from Save Animals Facing Extinction.  “Domestic Ivory markets will be closed to prevent further laundering of illegal Ivory through legal systems.”  Good news except there are several countries refusing to acknowledge this vote–Japan, having large domestic ivory trade, being one of them.  

Then they sent this news, Oct 5, 2016. “…world leaders rejected a complete ban on the trade of elephant and lion parts”, making these magnificent animals ever closer to extinction in the wild.

Furthermore, “Zimbabwe is reportedly using bull hooks to coax baby elephants and lions in and out of containers”: destination China.  One young lion “allegedly captured” is said to be a male pride member of Cecil, the venerated lion killed by the American dentist Walter Palmer.  According to Save Animals Facing Extinction,  Zimbabwean Water and Climate Minister plans to expand the capture of live baby elephants to more countries.  These babies are stuffed into pens and forever separated from their families.  They are in great distress, abused and injured. 

Though laws exist to stop poaching elephants, lions and rhinos, so much more needs to be done.  In the wild, “an elephant is killed every 15 minutes.  A rhino is shot in Africa every 9.5 hours (just for their horns, and about five wild lions are killed everyday.  Go to Save Animals Facing Extinction and contribute to these or other animals in peril. Thank you.

There are thousands of government representatives and conservations meeting at this very moment in South Africa discussing how to save animals. Poachers must he held accountable.  Stop the Cruelty.

Table of Contents: Environmental Concerns and Solutions

Table of Contents: Save Our Home Endangered Species

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