A Plea to Get People Working To Fix our Planet

Table of Contents: Environmental Concerns and Solutions

Table of Contents: Save Our Home Endangered Species

As a Nichiren Buddhist, it is my goal to help end suffering and bring happiness to all human beings.  Our practice involves  protecting our environment too.  Now, most of us focus on helping people, and though this is my mission too, my specific area of interest is the environment and has been for over forty-five years.  If we don’t change our path, imagine the suffering of everything that will come.

Our planet is a rare jewel in the universe–a very tiny speck that just happened to fall into a fertile area for life to exist, and yet we have treated it as if it is indestructible as if there is somewhere else to go. If quantum mechanics notion of parallel universes is true, perhaps their are places to go.  This habitable zone is called the Goldilocks zone, a metaphor from the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”– not too large, not too small, not too hot, not too cold, ah! “just right.”

We’ve lost many of our natural wonders to pollution, over-use, littering and so on and on and on.  We have even lost our night sky in much of the world from light pollution, which is known to upset migratory paths of birds and insects. I remember looking up at the Milky Way (our galaxy) as a kid in Los Angeles.  Imagine that, in Los Angeles.  I wonder how many people even know what the Milky Way is or that it appears in our sky.  The Milky Way is our solar system.  In other words, we have lost touch with the natural world, and, as such, we haven’t given it much regard until now: now that the effects of our actions are being felt by all of us whether recognized or not, i.e. climate change which are directly connected to our actions.  A coming soon article in this section, entitled Meet Allan Savory and read Cows Save the Planet by Judith D Schwartz, discusses how humankind has depleted our soil of carbon, resulting in an increasing rate of desertification throughout the world and contributing to rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere equal if not greater than the Carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.  The cure for this is quick and simple, and, for the most part, nature does the work.  

Our (people concerned about our environment) campaign to stop continuing on the path of self-annihilation that we are on needs to be very loud.  It’s the people that are going to get government to act.  Many changes are already occurring overseas.  However, we all need to act fast and do more. If we can make enough noise with enough people, they won’t be able to ignore us. In essence, if they choose not to move and move quickly and if we choose not to take action, then down the road we all may well be seen as mass murderers of an entire planet and near all that lives on it. The majority of us are good people, some greedy, some frightened of change, many controlled by big money, some just plain lazy and so on.  Regardless, it is my belief that Buddha Nature is within all, and the Wisdom of the Buddha is ours, and so a human revolution for the good is possible.  In order to do disrupt the path we are on, we are going to have to tackle big issues, oil, population growth, changing economics, turning lawns into meadows, changing our method of farming, etc. – no easy task. Everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnicity, and social class can get involved and work together, after all we’re all equal from the earth’s point of view, and mine too.  It is always so wonderful to see all people working together after a collective crisis. No one is asking how much money do you make, or segregating jobs. No one cares how much education one has when they’re digging people out of collapsed buildings.  Let’s stop the destructive path we are  before we get into crisis mode, and let’s unite as one to save the planet.  Everyone has something to offer toward making the changes needed, respect all.  Else I am afraid will end up being a dog eat dog world–the law of the jungle. It doesn’t have to be.  I have faith in our abilities to do something great.  I have faith in the human heart to start doing the right thing for all.

I know we can all learn to work together in harmony with each other, treating all with dignity and respect as we must learn to treat our planet the same. We are here as stewards, let us act as such. Let’s get started.  Each day we waste is one day closer to crossing over the line of nothing we can do.  It is up to all of us.  These and other items related to this movement are available at Cafe Press Earth and World Peace

Table of Contents: Environmental Concerns and Solutions

Table of Contents: Save Our Home Endangered Species

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