Three Little Frogies All in a Row

Three Little Frogies All in a Row

These guys are about as cute as they come.  Left to right from your perspective is Herman, Irving and Gertrude.  They are named after the three baby birds my best friend and I raised when we were about eleven.  Gertrude is a Chachi Tree Frog.  This guy come from Choco Rainforest, a threatened habitat in Ecuador.

In the center, Irving,  lives primarily in humid lowland forests and can be found Nicaragua, Honduras, Coast Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.  He’s called the Splendid Leaf Frog, and I cannot agree more.  They are nocturnal and arboreal. The only time they come down from the trees is when they breed in tiny fishless pools or tree holes that have collected water.  

In 2003  an on-site (in situ) conservation project was designed for the Splendid Leaf From in the Guayacan Rainforest Reserve.  Since these frogs breed in water-filled cavities in standing or fallen trees, an attempt to simulate breeding sites using plastic tubs were implemented.  The intention of this project was to create artificial reproductive habitats as in their breeding sites in the wild had become very limited.  The researchers were hoping to increase the size and vigor of the existing population.  They  placed tadpoles in these pools, and the project proved to be very successful.  In 2007, the researchers increased the sizes of these artificial pools allowing for many more frog to in habit the reserve.  This is one example of what conservationists have done to help these small often overlooked group of animals, animals that are as important as every species on the planet.  

Herman is a Troschel’s Tree Frog also found throughout South America.  They too live in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and rivers.  Their habitat is also threatened.

If you find yourself out and about in areas where frogs live, be careful.  Unless you know your frogs, do not touch. Some of them secret lethal substances as a protection against predation.  It works.  Your beautiful eyes, may have Xs in them.


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