Jane’s Ladder

Jane's Ladder
                                                      Jane’s Ladder


This is one of my favorite and most meaningful paintings: 2012. I was heartbroken at the time, and working on climbing out of despair, reaching for the stars. One of those happy accidents happened when I pulled off the tape, keeping the black areas black appeared and spoke volumes to me: a happy cartoonish three legged dog. Ordinarily, artists want to get rid of such objects, however, in this case, it was perfect, it made me smile. The other name given to this painting is Dog Star Constellation. The Dog Star is the North Star: the primary navigational star for sailors at one time. It said to me that I was on a  path towards better times. Another happy accident, also the result of pulling tape off, was what I saw as a crow falling from the sky. Many artist in the past, considered crows to represent death, and for me, this was emblematic of the death of a relationship. As with all tough times, great lessons come, and sometimes some very meaningful paintings. This is one. Much is also found in the details: a signature of my work.  To view this, more of my work, and details of my work, click here

The London Underground Photos

As I’ve not included any of my London Underground photos published in a shared book–author: David Long, photographer: me, entitled London Underground: architecture, design and history, I’ve decided to include one here.  Enjoy!  Photos taken between 1976 – 1978.  The earliest stations made of wood no longer exist. Because of this, I am really happy that I fell in love with the architecture, design and history of these stations, and thereby photographing them.  Enjoy!

The London Underground: Architecture, Design, and History David Long Photography: Jane Magarigal
           The London Underground: Architecture, Design, and History                                   Author:David Long      Photography: Jane Magarigal

Life Force Fertilizer

One of my paintings entitled “Life Force Fertilizer. A beautiful tree has fallen returning its bounty to the earth.

Go Green
This painting speaks to a cleaner environment. Green energy, green buildings, organic farming. Nuclear power plant now used for green siding,  and coal are included, along with a radioactive heart and an unclean environment: a futuristic nod to our past, once we go green, remove Carbon from our atmosphere and returning it to the soil..