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  Table of Contents: Environmental Concerns and Solutions

Table of Contents: Save Our Home Endangered Species

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Hi Everyone, I’m looking forward to meeting new friends.

This is not a usual blog. First, It consists a lot of essays and articles, many quite long, mostly written by me with the help of a lot of experts in a variety of fields and, therefore, connect to specific topics primarily related to environmental issues. Contributors via my research are quoted, given recognition, there are book recommendations, and there are links to original articles and videos for more information and for donations. I am not affiliated with any of these organizations that are asking for donations to help save chimpanzees for example. Second and lastly, another difference is that I update articles when new information is found that needs to be included. So articles that one may have read awhile ago, may have new information.  As a result, all articles will remain pertinent over time. In essence, they are living documents.  If no longer pertinent, I will mark it as such though keep it on the blog for research purposes.

As mentioned above, I am interested helping to create an earth and world peace (environmental issues) movement. Fortunately, environmental concerns are becoming something that people think about, talk about and are acting on. There have always been people who truly took to heart the many aspects related to working in harmony with out planet and have done many great good deeds contributing to improving our environment and spreading what they have learned despite some of them being forgotten in library stacks: fortunately there the internet. And, of course, the process of trying to figure out many of the environmental issues threatening our lives either through simple grassroots efforts or rigorous scientific studies is ongoing. Environmentalists are growing in number and speaking out as the collective consciousness is now recognizing what our future will be if we don’t choose to act. There is not a lot of time. Get involved and VOTE.EnvironmentalBannerWMOne could say those wanting world peace are among the silent majority. Hate talk is so prevalent these days. I’m hoping that I can encourage people who are angry, fearful, or apathetic to take action for the good. For the angry, the energy lost to the negative can be channeled to help, and they will feel better about themselves, discover real love of life and self, and how light this makes them feel. I very much want that for them. For the fearful, I hope I can encourage them to face there fears and take control of their lives. And lastly, the apathetic might discover that they can actually do something really important that will make them want to get up in the morning. For those in this population who think, what’s the point, all is lost anyway, I encourage them to realized that this is simply not true and they can do something about it.  It is time to act or it may very well be that there will come a time when all is lost.  Now I’m not a therapist, and I cannot fix anyone. I can make suggestions, possibly a little guidance and give encouragement, but bottomline each and every individual must recognize that they are responsible for how their lives look. I CANNOT FIX YOU, YOU MUST FIX YOURSELF. I believe that everyone can do this.

Also, most people believe that the attainment of world peace is a pipe dream. That doesn’t mean that we give up on this noble cause. It is a daunting task as it involves taking notice of one’s own actions and changing themselves first. Treating people as one’s equal regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual differences and preferences, and social class is challenging. Treating people respectfully and hence with dignity, well, one just needs to look at the angst that has been created in our political arena to know that this too is a mountain to climb. I believe World Peace is doable. We are one, we are made of the same stuff. We are getting better.  Believe it or not, the 20th and so far the 21st centuries, despite all the wars and conflicts we know about due to mass media, was and is the  most peaceful era in humankind history.

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